from such great heights

drip. drop. drip. drop.

Posted in life by chapwoman on January 28, 2008

“I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain;
What a wonderful feeling, I’m happy again.” -Arthur Freed

This whole growing up in southern California thing is starting to get to me. I’m definitely not ashamed that I grew up in the suburbs near beautiful Huntington Beach, or that I suffered through gridlock from the hours of 4-7 any given day of the week, or that the sun was brave enough to climb out from behind the clouds during January. What I mean is that I’m sooo not used to this rain-for-more-than-two-days thing. It just never happens in Anaheim.

It’s rained here in San Luis everyday for a week. An entire week. With only a few hours in between the sky’s drizzly party.

Thankfully, Sun peeped out yesterday morning for about 3 hours, but only to tuck itself away again and let Nimbus take over for another two days. Alaska’s rainboots (that is, the pair she lent me permanently) are holding up really well & liking the puddles I stumble into all over campus. My umbrella, however, is failing me miserably. But what can I expect from a little pink-polka-dotted umbrella? Exactly…it’s primary purpose is to look good. Haha.

In addition, John Mayer & Vanessa Carlton have been performing in my dorm room via iTunes during the rainy afternoons. And if you haven’t already created a “rainy day” playlist, you must. It’s a total mood-booster, I swear. Doesn’t hearing Why Georgia? just make you wanna curl up with a good book near the fireplace on a rainy day?

I’ve made a list of the perfect things to do when it’s wet & dreary outside:

-watch one of these–Garden State, Rain Man, Closer, or Pride & Prejudice
-read a book next to the fire (as mentioned)
-drink hot cocoa (with marshmallow)
-sing along to John Mayer or Vanessa Carlton!
-DANCE in the rain with your RAINBOOTS
-bake funfetti cake
-play your favorite instrument (for me, the guitar)

I’ve found a new appreciation for precipitation in this San Luis winter, but while I’m adapting with my southern California-ness in my blood, I’ll be doing one of those rainy day activities. I’m not gonna lie, though; I’ve been praying for a sunny tomorrow every night this past week.

May it be dry & sunny where you are,


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