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Posted in life by chapwoman on January 24, 2008

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice & be glad in it.” -Psalm 118:24


So it’s the 3rd week of winter quarter here at good old Poly, and I’m really liking where it’s going. At first, I was bummed that I could only crash one of three classes, but 13 units seems to be plenty right now.

Architecture with Freebs is going very well–Brent’s a cool guy who although, comes off as a total beezy, is extremely cool to talk to and get feedback from. He’s not at all like Keith last quarter; he cares about the meticulous little “notions” of your work and cares very much about seeing the effort you put into projects. And I do too. We’ve already plowed through two projects and yeah, it can be stressful, but exciting at the same time.

Arch 105 (Woodshop) is actually pretty fun, using hardcore machinery and all. It was nerve-racking using a high-powered drill the other day, my first wack at any type of word-working in my life. But after fumbling through all the sawdust and over-cutting or under-cutting the practice pieces of wood, I managed to somehow channel the “craftsmanship” in my blood to make beautiful joints that were due on Tuesday at noon. Which I completed at 11:58 btw. My professor is pretty picky about craft too, so when he complimented me on my work, my adrenaline just shot through the roof. Tuesday was an amaaazing day for confidence-boosting.

Healthy Living is hilarious to say the least. Jennifer O’brien teaches the class and she has no shame in talking about anything: any health-related issue, body part, sexual activity (with her husband??? ew). It wouldn’t be as bad if a 22-year-old were teaching this 200-person lecture, but when the lady looks like she could be my mom, it’s just weird. But combine that image with these daily sex talks–that’s why it’s hilarious. She’s actually a great lecturer though; she makes an effort to tell us interesting stories and she cares about health, thank goodness. And I thoroughly enjoy learning about health, especially on the bike at the gym reading those health mags.

And lastly, Don Choi makes Architecture History really interesting. I’d heard dreadful details from friends who already took the class, but hey, I’m an architect-in-the-making and need not one, not two, but FOUR of these history classes. But thankfully, the topics we’ve explored are very intriguing. Churches of course. It’s good to have some Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals under my belt already and at least be able to identify a style besides “post-modern.” I feel somewhat knowledgeable about it all now. And only 2 weeks done??? I should be a genius by the time this class is over.

It’s weird to have a schedule with mon, wed, and fri afternoons completely open because last quarter I felt like I was always in class. But taking 13 units was most def. a blessing in disguise (like my friend Anna pointed out) because now I redeem myself for last quarter and hopefully get all A’s. Ambitious goal? Absolutely.

This quarter’s also a little different because I’m hitting the gym at least 5 times a week. I got really in shape when I was home for Christmas break & felt so much healthier. Exercise = Amazing. But it was ironic that I got black-listed the first day back after break & couldn’t legally go to the gym for two weeks. But did that stop me? LOL riiiiight. It is nice to use my own ID now though…

Living situations are slowly falling into place too. It’s weird to decide where you’ll be living next year when it’s only January and are still meeting new faces. So far, Anna, Kim, & I are planning on living on campus next year, but with who? That’s still unraveling. Kat may live us or Maleesa, or whoever. Anna’s kinda stressed about the whole thing, but I know God’s gonna work it out somehow.

Bible Study & Campus Crusade are sailing smoothly too. Worship with all of crusade is amazing this quarter and all of us girls in Sequoia seem to be meshing really well and feeling more comfortable with each other. Deep conversations & tears have already surfaced this quarter…and that’s a blessing. I absolutely love my bible study leaders Kellye & Caelin. They’re just too cute for school.

Hmm what else? Boys? Haha, ahhh yes. They’re definitely around, but who shall I choose? Future posts about them I’m sure.

Overall, I’m feeling really comfortable right now. Drama is minimal, architecture is pushing me as always, God is protecting me, and love is all around. Need I say more? This quarter’s gonna be fun…

c’est la vie,


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