from such great heights

crushing season

Posted in life by chapwoman on December 15, 2007

i am always fascinated by new crushes.  you guys are always different, but in general, the routine is always the same.  it’s like there’s a unstated protocol for “crushing season.”

first, there’s always that moment, that click in our heads, when we first see you in a new light.  A better light, with a twist of optimism and wonder.  then once that’s established, flirting begins.  Haha, the fun part.  No matter who it is, we always have to hint here and there to see if the objects of our new affection feel the same for us.  Jab here.  Poke there. We have to see what’s really going on between the two of us.

Ok, let me stop here.  At this point in the routine, it’s always a freaking game.  Why is that?  Why can’t you guys and us girls just stop playing games with each other?  Honesty isn’t always a bad thing, is it?  Life would be so much easier, hearts would be spared the longing and possibly heartbreak, if we were all just slightly more honest.  Even just slightly.

But I was musing with my two good friends today, and we all decided that the initial stage of a crush, that fleeting flirtation, is much more enticing than the actual guy we’re after.  There’s something in the “thrill of the chase” which makes all the mystery and goofiness so much fun; Even moreso than dating or being swept-off our feet.  Sure we’d LOVE to know if you LOVE us back, but there has to be that scavenger hunt to the answer first.

And generally, this is how it pans out.  “you’re sweet, you’re funny, you’re what I’ve been looking for, you’re perfect, BUT…”  why yes, of course.  There’s always the problem of the “but.”  And I’ve never figured that one out, the need for something to be wrong between two people who have affirmed that they are attracted to each other.  All the weirdos and all the creepers, however, never seem to have this problem.  But all the normal and coveted single men of planet earth, just-so-happen to have this problem (generally).

Then it just dies out.  The girl moves on.  Or she muses in what could have been or what should have been and why it was nothing more than that.  Que horible.

Then “pop!” You see Mr. So-and-So in a new light…and thus begins another season of wishful thinking & hopeful smiles.  What a cycle life is.  I wonder when it finally take a straight path.

c’est la vie,


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