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paradox of the SLO lane.

Posted in life by chapwoman on November 17, 2007

“Time, where did you go? Why did you leave me here alone?” -Chantal Kreviazuk

It’s amazing how quickly time passes me by here at school. I’ve been meaning to update my blog more frequently, but somewhere amidst weekly architecture projects, physics & calculus (which I DON’T understand as well as I did in high school), daily dorm craziness, and just living life itself, time seeps through my fingers.

That really frustrates me though, knowing that my friends at other colleges & and even here at Cal Poly, have so much time on their hands that they do basically nothing. I remember hearing a friend in Trinity say, “College is easier than high school.” Really? That’s been one of the most confusing statements I’ve heard at school so far, even moreso than the confusing fcns my calc professor chalks onto the board. I’m tinged with jealousy and awe when I hear that so many of my non-architecture friends have FREE time. I feel like I basically have NO time to do things for myself besides the necessary routine of brushing teeth and taking showers. If I spent time online 4 hours a day, then I’d realize that I need to manage time better. But I actually study, work on architecture, read required assignments each week, and still have things unaccomplished. Sense my frustration?

This past weekend we weren’t given too much homework in Arch, and if I hadn’t gone up to Berkeley to visit Kayleigh, I don’t even know what I would have done with myself. I’ve figured out that I constantly need to be on-the-go or need to have an unfinished to-do list or need to solve some sort of puzzle. Something to do. I must be a product of hectic LA Suburbia. Sure I would love to have what’s called “free” time, but I worry I’d be too unproductive. Alaska pointed this out to me once she left for San Diego: it’s a lot harder to motivate yourself to do something when you don’t have a busy schedule dictating your life. I’ve fantasized about hitting the gym 5 times a week, writing in my diary and blog, writing letters to my family and friends, reading the Bible, getting to know more people here on campus, planning dorm activities with extra time (if I were given the opportunity). But would I really do all those things if I could? Along with Alaska, I think not.

So with this hectic agenda pushing me forward each day, I’m trying to accept the fact that I don’t have time to do everything, but I make time for the important things regardless of how little sleep I get or lack of gym time or whatever. I’m gonna set aside time to blog each week (hopefully at least once a week), read my bible, have coffee with my friends, and of course do myself some good and NAP. Haha.

Now I know why they call it Architorture.